Healthy skin and bodies for men, women, and children of all ages.
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Dear Patients:


Since opening in February of 2015, Wauskin Medical Aesthetics has been the premier aesthetic clinic in the Central Wisconsin area.  We are extremely proud of all we have accomplished in helping many men, women, and children of all ages feel great about their skin and bodies.    We could not be more thankful to all who have believed and invested in the future of this practice and its mission.    


We regret to inform you Wauskin Medical Aesthetics will be closing its doors on July 30th, 2017.

We want to thank you for your past support and trust and it is our utmost priority to inform all our patients about this difficult decision.  It is not one that comes easily but we believe it to be the best decision for us as a company.  Many things in life take precedence over business…family and health is one of them. For the woman whose face our patients know best as their main provider- Jamie Waskin- this comes with many mixed emotions.  As many of you know, Jamie has been dealing with many significant health issues.   It is important now more than ever for her to be around her husband and young daughters.


Our colleagues at Fox Valley Plastic Surgery are experienced and are looking forward to hearing from you should you choose to continue with additional elective cosmetic treatment.  They can be reached at 920- 233-1540 or you may select any provider of your choice.


Your medical records are protected by HIPAA.   In the future, should you wish to obtain a copy, you may call 715-870-2245 or email  Please allow at least seven business days for correspondence.




The Wauskin Medical Aesthetics Team